Install AdsMatcher Plugin and beat
All Ad-blockers for FREE

AdsMatcher beats all ad blockers and compares also ads with an AI system to optimize placements and generate more revenue for publishers.

We help you increase
Revenue from every single ad impression on your website

Adblock tools lead to lost revenue for website owners. This is where anti-adblock solutions, let website owners render ads even if a user has an Adblock tool enabled. This allows publishers to recover revenue.

Simple to Install,
Easy to use

AdsMatcher Anti-Adblock detects ad blockers and displays a message if visitors are using an Adblock on your website asking them to disable the extension if they want to continue getting great content for free.
Features of AdsMatcher plugin:

  • Random class naming to outrun all adblockers
  • The ability to customize your message according to your audience
  • Smooth admin panel for an easy and fast setup

Frequently asked questions

The plugin AdsMatcher will start working immediately after installation and activation.

No. The plugin loads asynchronously on all pages of your website. This means that your pages will load independently of the plugin.

Currently, the plugin supports English and French languages, but it works correctly on all websites with its default language which is English.

With us you are always winning

We combine the latest ad technology and industry know-how to deliver the best results for you.