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Popunder is a monetization powerhouse and one of our top-performing ad formats in terms of revenue. These full-tab ads appear in the new browser tab, allowing you to monetize every visitor.
It's fully compatible with banners & Google AdSense.

Popup Ads

Pop-up ad is a window that displays over the page you're looking at and drive up to 8x higher CTRs compared to classic display ads.

Display Banners

Online Ad banner campaigns deliver unprecedented, with a clean and safe ad feed. Publishers enjoy near 100% fill rates and higher payouts.

Frequently asked questions

AdsMatcher works with publishers of all sizes. If you’re interested in partnering up to generate revenue, Sign Up Here.
We accept all sites regardless of traffic volume. However, please mind that we do not accept websites containing adult content, malware, or any other information that violates our Terms and Conditions.

No. Unlike others, AdsMatcher supports asynchronous ad loading, so your widgets will have no impact on page load time.

Your profit depends on your traffic amount and quality. Some of the most important factors are audiences GEOs, share of mobile visitors, traffic sources, number of page views per visitor, etc.
Try to increase your traffic, try different ad formats, and you will have all chances to get the best CPM and CPC rates in the industry!

The minimum payout amount required in order to receive payment is $50. Once you hit $50 in revenue, you will be paid based on your payment terms outlined in your agreement, most commonly Net 15 or Net 30 days.

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